How to pack for a bike packing tour? My gear list for Panamerica Solo

My Panamerica World record will be completely unsupported and I will carry everything I need for 100 days of adventure. To be fast I try to keep my weight as low as possible without compromising too much on comfort and durability. Here comes my complete gear list with short explanations for a few items:

The bike: Cervélo C5 with Shimano Dura Ace. The bike is an endurance road bike and allows for broader tires and has a more upright geometry than normal road bikes. It is still very fast but most importantly very durable and comfortable. I will break the record by cycling very long every day, not fast. So comfort is important. I use the standard setup apart from the saddle which I changed for a Brooks C 13. Not the lightest one on the market but still comfortable after 12 hours on the bike. Additionally I added an Profile Design T4 Aero bar.

Tyres: I will start with Continental Gatorskin 28 mm. I need around 5-6 Tyre sets and will have to use what I find. If I find them, I will stay with 28mm the entire trip. The comfort is worth the little bid more resistance.

Bikepacking: I use the APIDURA Expedition series as they are light and very durable. Apart from the standard frame bag, handlebar bag and saddle bag, I also use two food pouches that allow me to snack continously. This provides enough space for around 80% of the journey. Only in the far north and south I will need more cloothes and more food due to big distances between villages. For these stretches I carry an 8 litre dry back that I can strap under my aero bar for the additional supplies.

Bike gear:
- Bliz Matrix sunglasses
- Bliz Defender helmet
- Mavic Crossmax Elite shoes

- Chiba Super Fly glooves
- Chiba BioXCell Touring glooves (long and warm for the North)
- Two customized jersey/bib sets Primal Helix
- Primal Legwarmer
- Primal arm warmers
- Primal rain jacket
-Two pair of socks
- Swim short
- Underlayer
- Campz Micro Towel
- Primal hoodie

- Tarptent Protrail
- Sea to Summit Spark 2 sleeping bag
- Thermarest Neoair Mattress
- Bear spray

Food and Cooking:
- MSR Pocket Rocket stove
- MSR Titanium pot and Titanium spoon
- Xenofit Energy bars and Gels
- Xenofit Electrolyte drink
- Lifestraw waterfilter

- Hoffmann Group Screwdriver set
- Hoffman Group Pocket Tool
- Fiber Fix Emergency Spoke Repair
- Two spare inner tubes & patches
- Airpump
- Lube

Electronics/ Navigating:
- Landrover Explore Outdoor phone
- Landrover Adventure Pack (extra battery)
- GoPro Hero 5 and extra battery
- Selfie stick with Bluetooth remote control
- Multi-chager
- Spot Gen 3 Tracker
- Black Diamont Headlamp and front lamp

- Roald Ammundsen Suncare 50SPF
- Roald Ammundsen Lipbalm 25 SPF
- Roald Ammundsen Chamois Creme
- Toothpaste
- Toothbrush
- Shampoo

The total setup is around 500 gram lighter than last year's Eurasia setup. Temperature wise I'm warm until around 2-3 degrees at night and can survive at -3/4. I do have spares for the most common problems but with this massive distance unforeseen trouble will arise. One of the main reasons why I'm using MTB shoes as I can run to the next city :)