Athlete, Adventurer, Speaker

Living a meaningful life of adventure, pushing the limits of ultra endurance and sharing inspiring stories from around the world. I´m the first and only person to have cycled the entire landmass of Eurasia and a two times World Record holder.


 Born and raised in the Black Forrest, Germany, I spent my childhood running around the forest with my older brother and experimented with a range of endurance sports. The adventurous lifestyle of my early years formed my ambitions to explore the world and set myself new challenges.


Following my dream to explore the world, I spent my university time in seven different countries and partly studied from a remote island to balance my desire for adventure and academic excellence. Taking on extra courses during my first years at university, I gained the time to pursue a two-year cycling tour around the world whilst still completing university in time. 

During this epic journey, I covered over 60.000 km and cycled across more than 70 countries.


In 2017, I set off in Cabo da Roca, Portugal to set two World Records: first the fastest cycling across Europe and second across Eurasia. Six weeks into the unsupported challenge, I was sick, hungry and miserable in the middle of the Siberian wilderness whilst a snowstorm was making my life difficult. Despite this, I continued pushing my bike and averaged over 250 km across Far Eastern Russia. I arrived in Vladivostok after 64 days - having cycled 14.331 km and setting two new World Records.


Currently I´m training hard for a new World Record attempt in 2018 - it´s going to be further, faster and tougher than anything I have done before.