Panamerica Solo - 23.000 kilometers in 100 days

In August 2018 I will set off at the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to cycle 23.000 kilometers to Ushuaia at the Southern point of Argentina. The journey will be unsupported and I aim to arrive in less than 100 days.


The current World Record for the fastest unsupported journey goes back to Scott Napier who finished in Ushuaia after 125 days back in 2009, a time that I want to beat by almost a month. While speed and performance are important, I also want to have a great adventure and experience the amazing landscapes and cultures throughout the journey. What could be better than riding alone along the worlds longest land connection!


Follow me on Life tracker and constant updates.

Life tracker                           Start: August 19, 2018                                                                              Arrival: November 25, 2018

How you can help to realize a documentary movie about Panamerica Solo and support the rainforest.

Help me to reach 23.000€ for 23.000km. Your donations go into a documentary movie and to OroVerde, a Rainforest protection NGO.


Every donor will be named in the end of the movie!

Additional, I have several rewards for donations:


-  50€    get a signed postcard from the finish in Ushuia

- 75€     signed postcard + DVD with movie and unused scenes

- 75€     signed postcard + calendar 2019 with the best pictures

- 100€   signed postcard + Bliz Matrix sunglasses

- 200€   signed postcard + personal meeting or skype talk where you can ask me anything

- 500€   postcard + original and signed Panamericana Solo jersey after the trip (limited to one!)

- 1.500€  postcard + motivational presentation in spring (limited to Europe)

- 2.000€  postcard + 2 day Adventure trip with me (hiking or Cycling) in spring (limited to Europe)


If you want to reward please send me a message. Specifying the reward and your postal adress.