Relax and enjoy the popcorn

A few videos from my adventures will give you a proper experience of the nice and tough moments of my life. Most videos are selfmade but some are made by a film team.

Panamericana Solo - the hole story

BikingMan Oman

Panamerica Solo - Chile & Argentina

Panamerica Solo - Peru

Panamerica Solo - Colombia & Ecuador

Panamerica Solo - Central America

Panamerica Solo Mexico

Panamerica Solo - North America

Adventure Cycling in British Columbia

Cycling across beautiful Oregon and Washington

Cycling the highest passes of North America

Cycling across Canyons and deserts


Announcing Panamerica Solo - 23.000 km in 100 days

Summary of my World Record ride across Eurasia

Desert Cycle - Three weeks of cycling around Oman

Russian television story of my Europe Cycling World Record

Training camp in the snowy Swiss Alpes

Trail running weekend in the Alpes